Apple’s New Faces of Black

There’s no doubt Apple is taking steps to become more diverse as possible by mirroring the realness of American society. Although it has been a couple of years since their […]

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PETA vs. The Longest Ride

Members of PETA were protesting in full force Monday in Hollywood, CA against the premiere of the latest Nicholas Sparks’ film, “The Longest Ride.” Despite the fact that the American […]

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“The Daily Show” Gets New Host

Socially conscious stand-up comedian Trevor Noah has been announced as the new host for Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.” Check him out below:  

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Pharrell Williams Helps to Save Oceans

Fashion is such a broad subject. Some things in fashion are beautiful, some are hideous, and the concept behind some things are so beautiful nothing else matters. Well that’s exactly […]

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Ringling Brothers Will No Longer Use Elephants in Their Acts

Ringling Brothers Circus recently announced that in 2018 elephants will no longer perform in their shows. The Asian elephant has been synonymous with the Ringling Brothers for nearly 145 years. […]

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No More “Race Together” for Starbucks

“I want to offer my heartfelt thanks to every one of you for your fearless and energetic support of the Race Together initiative.  Our objective from the very start of […]

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Jimmy Kimmel and Chelsea Clinton Encourage Volunteerism

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and social advocate Chelsea Clinton teamed up Monday at Jimmy Kimmel Live! studio to announce “Serve a Year,” ServiceNation’s national program that encourages young […]

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Raven Symone Speaks about Race

In a recent interview with E!, actress Raven Symone was asked how she feels about racial slurs being used on TV. Symone stated that she thought it was hard not […]

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Amber Rose Slut Walks for Women Equality

Amber Rose is no stranger to the Hollywood headlines for her recent spat with Kanye West (whom she used to date) and Kim Kardashian and her nasty divorce from Wiz […]


Return of ‘The Boondocks’ Season 4

Even though “The Boondocks” creator, Aaron McGruder, admits to have no involvement with Season 4 of the socially conscious animated series, the Thursday night season premiere didn’t slack on any […]